The DB1 is a wheelchair system with integrated build modularity. The frames are a lightweight construction of aluminum alloy and engineering injection mouldings. The assembled structure is very strong.

The integrated design incorporates options of build settings and features which customise the wheelchair to meet assessed occupant need. Our web driven form advises on available choices and their relative functional benefits with notes and pictures to help you. The notes are representative and may not complete.

Further information can be obtained by downloading the Technical Manuals and Guides below.

Downloads & Technical Reports

Disclaimer:  The downloadable files available from this page are provided in good faith for information only. If in doubt on any aspect of chair build or use then please contact us. please be aware that the specifications are constantly being updated and data contained below may not always reflect the latest changes

Techincal Data Sheet

Seat to Ground Information

Rear Wheel Information

Castor Wheel Information

Greencare User Guide

Prescription Form

Price List

Fitting Information

Hub Brake Kit

Crutch Holder

Anti Camber Plates

Techincal Information

Use of powered wheels on a Greencare Wheelchair

Foot operated fitting

Rearward foot mounting 

Double reinforced backrest application 

Dynamic footboard use 

Double amputee active setup 

Variable footplate length

Angled out footplates

Removable upper back support 

Armrest Outrigging 

Wide seat back adaption

Low height adaption stump support 

Armrest Outrigging   

Review of complex seating case

DB1 Crash test report

Chair adapation to increase monovability for short people

Bariatric wheel conversion for extra heavy load 

Extra high seat to ground conversion 

Special 45 degree back conversion 

Bariatric conversion for narrow doors 

Use of roof box 

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