Rewards Foot propelling occupant

Wheelchair User

* Experiences overly dynamic, uncontrolled and generally uncoordinated movement of all 4 limbs

* Experiences difficulty in accepting base of support from seat canvas and therefore sits minimal hip flexion on front end of seat canvas.

* Propels backwards using his feet.

* Often positions his right upper limb over seat canvas back to gain stability in sitting.

Issues Highlighted

As a result of the above presentation increased pressure was being placed through a standard back post/ back brace set up and was causing undue strain on back posts which lead to eventual fracture and break.

Specialised build completed

The service user was designed and engineered a double reinforced back post with the back brace fitted to the rearwards supporting strut to reduce the leverage from the wheelcahair isers preferred position.

A tension adjustable back of greater width was used to provide increase sag to accommodate position of right upper limb.

Foam covering was fitted to exposed areas on the back posts / push handles to reduce the risk of pressure areas where wheelchair iser was in direct contact.

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