Crash Test

Greencare Mobility products are tested according to ISO 7176-19 and ISO 16840-4. This testing involves simulating a frontal impact on a vehicle.

The wheelchair crash test was derived from the crash test already used in the car industry. In this way, wheelchairs are crash tested with a speed of 48 kph and an impact deceleration of 20 g. The test dummy is limited to a maximum weight of 75 kg (54 kg for children). Up to now, only frontal impact has been simulated for wheelchairs.

On the basis of the tests carried out and the results achieved, we know that products which are approved for transportation withstand the strong forces which occur during a crash test in accordance with ISO 7176-19 and ISO 16840-4 and are therefore suitable to be used as a seat in a vehicle for the transportation of wheelchair users.


We issue this advice for the use of a Greencare wheelchair in a vehicle:

  • The wheelchair should be secured to the floor in a forwards facing direction.
  • The wheelchair and occupant must be secured to the vehicle independently.
  • More than one person should not occupy the wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair should be fitted with a head restraint.
  • The upper occupant restraint should be secured to the vehicle above shoulder height.
  • No component of the restraint should pass through the wheelchair wheels.
  • The wheelchair should not be modified or strained to allow the fitting of restraints.
  • Loose fitting attachments should be removed from the wheelchair.

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