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I have been working within Posture and Mobility for over 25 years now. Starting in the production team at specialised Orthotic services In 1996 I worked my way up through the business and spent 17 years performing special seating clinics globally before moving into the leadership team. I joined Ortho Europe in 2019 to head up the special seating division. I have a heavy focus on the commercial side of the business but still run clinics within our partnership network. Enhancing the quality of life for our patient group is a strong passion of mine, combined with the latest technology and enhanced service delivery we offer as a service provider.

Mark Shaw – Head of Special Seating & Wheelchairs
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Mobile : +44 (0)7469 085 012

My primary focus for Ortho Europe is performing seating clinics in partnership with our global network. My client base is International which I have developed over a number of years spending much of my career in Europe and the Middle East. Developing new working partnerships is very much in my remit and outside of my clinical commitments we are continuously working to grow our client base and enhance our clinical model. Within my time at Ortho Europe we have seen positive growth but feel this is just the beginning of the journey.

Ross Andrews – Clinical Seating Specialist
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Mobile : +44 (0)7823 403 455

I joined the Ortho Europe team in 2019 following the acquisition of Greencare mobility. In the years prior I honed my craft UK wide providing specialist product support for the Greencare mobility range in both NHS and private clinics. With our range Custom wheelchairs we can offer what our competitors cannot and can give an enhanced level of independence and quality of life to the most challenging of clinical presentations and environmental factors. I’ve covered from John O’Groats to Lands’ end in the UK and even made it as far as Saudi Arabia to perform assessments. Exciting times ahead for the mobility team as we merge our product ranges as it gives me an enhanced product offering to suit a the widest range of users from paediatric wheelchairs right through custom seating.

Ryan Wood – Product Specialist
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Mobile : +44 (0)7825 668 869

I started in Mobility back in 2007 working the territories as an area sales manager, gaining experience and knowledge working for some of the major global suppliers of mobility products available on the market today. I’ve seen significant change over the last decade and the enhancements we see today in technology surpass anything we have ever seen before. In my time with the group I have seen significant accelerated growth of our product portfolio and service user base. Longevity and sustainability are at the forefront of our product portfolio, as well as enhanced manufacturing techniques available through advancing technologies.

James Malcolm – Product Manager
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Mobile : +44 (0)7469 083 446

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